Our Itinerary

It’s two and a half weeks out, and we’re finalizing our two Star Alliance “Round the World” tickets, consisting of 12 flights and several “overland segments” painstakingly assembled by our travel agent. Here’s our current plan:

  • Aug 20: Fly from Seattle to Copenhagen
  • Aug 24: Fly from Copenhagen to Vienna
  • Aug 24 – Sept 28: Travel overland through Budapest, Croatia, Italy, France, and Spain
  • Sept 28: Fly from Madrid to Istanbul
  • Oct 1: Fly from Istanbul to Windhoek, Namibia via Johannesburg
  • Oct 2 – Oct 22: Travel through Namibia, South Africa, and possibly Botswana
  • Oct 22: Fly from Cape Town to Singapore
  • Oct 24: Fly from Singapore to Bali
  • Oct 24 – Oct 29: Relax in Bali
  • Oct 29: Fly from Bali to Bangkok
  • Oct 29 – Dec 3: Travel overland through Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, and Vietnam
  • Dec 3: Fly from Bangkok to Hong Kong
  • Dec 7: Fly from Hong Kong to Osaka
  • Dec 7 – Dec 18: Visit Osaka, Kyoto, and Tokyo
  • Dec 18: Fly from Tokyo to Seattle
  • Dec 18 – ???: ???

More details to come!!

3 thoughts on “Our Itinerary

  1. Saw your blog from here. I have two comments :1) Jealous2) I’d spend more time traveling. 🙂 3) Your not going to spend any time in China?

  2. Hi Mark, Unless we follow your second suggestion, there’s not enough time to do the third. We’ll have to save that for our next trip!

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