Getting Close…

We have made tons of progress over the last few days, but still have much to do tomorrow. Our trip officially commences on Wednesday at 6:20pm with a flight to Copenhagen. We have both managed to pack our bags with all of the clothing and gear that we will need for the next four months. Hard to believe that it all fits into this bag (for me). Without the daypack (and assorted guidebooks) attached, my pack is currently weighing in at 19 pounds. I learned this afternoon that my jeans weigh 1 pound, 4 ounces. And yes, I’m taking them. My pack contains a healthy mix of my normal, trusted clothes, plus some travel-focused, quick-dry stuff for good measure. SmartWool socks, anyone? These (along with Ex Officio underwear) are all the rage on the various travel blogs/sites out there.

In other news, we would like to thank the inimitable Amy Finkel for adding a bit of flair to our blog. She crafted our header graphic last Friday evening — while still on the mend from a not insignificant bit of surgery. We consider ourselves in good company, as Amy’s recent production credits include this video that she directed for Takka Takka.

Tomorrow and Wednesday we will be focused on last-minute errands and saying some final goodbyes, but we’ll be sure to post again before our departure.

8 thoughts on “Getting Close…

  1. Whoo hoo! Getting close to lift off! Looking forward to reading of your adventures and traveling vicariously through you… Candie

  2. WOW! Your trip sounds awesome! And really … you packed EVERYTHING in that one bag? I’m wondering how I’ll do 10 days in Eastern Europe this fall when my camera bag alone is the size of your backpack.The blog is a reminder of your Dad’s trip Abby … 6 years ago? I remember us tracking him on your map. šŸ™‚ Have so much fun! We’re looking forward to reading about the adventures and seeing the pics. XO,Schmenk

  3. Em pointed me over here. WOW ABBY! What a trip. I am green green green with envy. I will be vicariously living through your blog. Have a splendid time!!!

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