“Skol” from Copenhagen!

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No, this isn’t about dip. It’s the Danish greeting you give before sipping an $8 beer in a bicycle-filled square in the center of town, as Abby and I are doing as I write. We landed here yesterday afternoon and after checking into our hotel, we’ve spent the past couple of days wandering around, taking a walking tour, visiting the hippie district (Christiana – a fascinating place), all while trying to conserve our kroner. Hot dogs and kebabs are key to our strategy, but we’ve had some excellent Danish food as well. Meanwhile, we’ve been fighting jet-lag with $6 coffees (not key to the strategy). Yes, Copenhagen is an expensive city, but it’s beautiful and we’re so happy we’re here. Tomorrow we plan to rent bicycles and ride all over town!

4 thoughts on ““Skol” from Copenhagen!

  1. It looks beautiful! I was waiting for your first comment. Your life is MUCH more exciting than ours…Hank got sent home from day care due to tummy problems (the d. word :)). And he’s refusing to nap 🙂 Sara O. has a beautiful baby boy after 40! hours of labor –dear god! We miss you guys. Can’t wait to follow your world! Pick the best places to tell us to visit next! Casey

  2. We miss you guys but are happy to see you are surviving jet lag. Looks like the weather is great. Maggie is coming for a visit on Sept. 24th. hmmmm where will you be? xoxoxox p.s pls. send us Sara's email address. Love, Dad & Peggy

  3. Try having an aebleskiver while you’re in Denmark. They’re these spherical donut-like things that are usually served with some kind of berry sauce and are really, really good.

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