What is it?? Round I – Official Results

The correct answer was a pickled pepper stuffed with sauerkraut, bought from this nice woman at her pickle stand in a public market in Budapest, a couple blocks off of Andrássy Út:


You can see the pickled peppers for sale in the bottom right of the photo. We actually had a little trouble ordering these, as the woman working behind the counter did not speak any English, and thought that we wanted two tenths of a kilogram* of peppers, as opposed to just two of them. While they were tasty, a full plastic bag of them may have set our stomachs a-rumblin’.

Allison is the winner, with extra credit given for providing the correct Hungarian name of the dish. Austin and Sarah came in a close second, impressing us with their reference to a patented technique for making them, despite initially omitting the fact that they are pickled.

Stay tuned for “What is it??” Round II!

* – note that unsurprisingly, everything here is metric. We’ve had 200 milliliter portions of wine and 500 milliliters of beer. Ordering drinks in this way strangely reminds us of graduated cylinders in Chemistry class. “I’d like 150 ml of your finest champagne, please!”

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