What is it?? Round II

Here’s another installment of everybody’s favorite game – “What is it??” Just like before, here’s how it works – we post a picture, and you have to guess what it is. This week’s picture comes all the way from Rome, Italy. Please post your guesses in the blog comments. Good luck!


8 thoughts on “What is it?? Round II

  1. It’s a marker from some sort of historical society. It’s an invocation honoring the culture and history of Rome and its’ contributions to civilization around the world. Something about the “the skirts with which you conceal.” At least that’s what my semester in Florence was able to yield. Keep up the posts!

  2. It looks like some sort of dedication of either a monument or some other public entity. S.P.Q.R stands for the Senate and the People of Rome and is kind of a motto for the city of Rome. Am I close?

  3. I find it suspicious that you blurred out the greeting in the letter. You paid extra for the Picnik premium features, eh?I’m going to say it’s a letter celebrating the 1000 or 2000 year anniversary (milleniversary?) of some important dude’s death. It doesn’t look like a grave but maybe it’s the spot where someone was killed? I don’t remember any Roman history so I’ll just go with Julius Caesar like Allison said.

  4. The S.P.Q.R. sign announces a warning to weary tourists which loosely translates to “Seating Precarious: Quickrock.” Found only in Rome, quickrock, like its South American cousin quicksand can swallow anything unfortunate enough to cross its path. I can only believe that the flowers and decorations were placed there only seconds before the picture was taken and are now gone. Rumor has it that Jimmy Hoffa is buried somewhere in that very same quickrock.

  5. Just a quick note to say we appreciate and honor the wit and intelligence of our friends and dedicated readers. Many of you are on the right track … some may even be right. We’re going to keep the lines open for another 7 hours (approximately), at which time we will post the correct answer and name the winner of Round II. (The first person to answer correctly wins, by the way.)

  6. senate of the people of rome–maybe the foundation of an old senate building? But I see that Al has it right–julius’ grave.. Tom and I leave in a few minutes for northern waters. Dad

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