What is it?? Round III

We found this contraption in the cellar of a wine bar in Volterra, one of the beautiful hill towns in Tuscany. The owner was quite proud of it. What is it??

Following a day or two of guessing, this item will be further explained in our next posting on the hill towns of Tuscany.


Best of luck!

11 thoughts on “What is it?? Round III

  1. Hi Abby Dabby & Dan Doo (Hey, I like the way that sounds!)…I think Allison here is onto something. I agree with what she's thinking, but I'm beginning to think she's cheating. (c;Ciao!

  2. It is quite obviously a do-your-own-dentistry set up. You have the chair, the equipment, and a computer to look up how to do any procedures you are not familiar with. Unfortunately, I read your blog today for the first time in a week, and instantly knew the last one, but it was too late. I had the pleasure of visiting Julius Ceasar’s grave on March 15th, which is both the day he died (“beware the ides of March”) and my birthday, so I totally had that one in the bag! But alas, I was foiled by my tardiness in reading of your adventures!

  3. Did you ever see that episode of the x-files where two lovers decide to put their digital personas on the web and live forever together online? In the end, the two committed suicide but were immortalized online. I vote it’s a chair for doing that (which I know is probably wrong since he wouldn’t be so proud of it, but hey, points for creativity!). 🙂

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