What is it?? Round III – Official Results

Thanks to all who participated in this round of “What is it??”. We had a lot of good guesses, though none of them were perfect. We’re naming two winners for this round, who each honed in on two different aspects of this unique contraption:

Allison – she was the first to recognize the contraption as some sort of Karaoke device (and even we had to zoom in on the photo to appreciate her reference to garlic)

Dan’s Mom – she was the first to call it out as a dental chair.

Yes, this device was a combination dental chair / internet / karaoke machine in the basement of the wine bar. The owners were extremely proud. We thought they were nuts, but really want to go back anyway.

I should mention that we’ve posted both of the last two posts from the only free wi-fi we were able to find in Nice: an ultra-hip club / lounge / bar with loud techno music, an array of flat panel TVs, and spinning purple lights. The weird thing is… we’re the only patrons. This is a sign of our dedication to you, our loyal readers.

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