Cruising through Córdoba

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When we originally planned our time in Andalucia, we only allotted one night to Córdoba. Neither one of us had heard very much about this city, so we decided just to check it out briefly. Once we arrived there and started walking around, however, we realized that we could have happily spent much more time there.

Córdoba feels a bit like a maze — made up of narrow, winding streets that seem to snake in all directions. The sidewalks are maybe one-foot wide, so you have to flatten yourself against the buildings every time a car rolls by, which is more often than you might think. All of the buildings in Córdoba are white-washed, but feature colorful doorways, windows and tilework. Inside of many of the buildings are the city’s famous inner patio gardens — private retreats that we tried to catch a glimpse of whenever possible. We both really enjoyed just wandering the streets with no real purpose or destination.


The one sight we made a real effort to see was the Mezquita, a former mosque turned Roman Catholic cathedral in the center of town. The combination of Moorish & Catholic styes made for some truly outstanding architecture.



3 thoughts on “Cruising through Córdoba

  1. OMG! those pics are awesome. i can just imagine being there for a traditional catholic mass … huge organ and full choir … such a beautiful spot. and made more so b/c it’s not a worn out tourist spot. thanks for sharing!- schmenk

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