Alta Velocidad Española

For two of our journeys (Córdoba to Sevilla and Sevilla to Madrid) we had the pleasure of riding the Renfe AVE, Spain’s high-speed train line that reaches speeds of up to 300 km/h (186 mph) while keeping riders perfectly comfortable. Here’s what the dining car looked like at 180 mph (my espresso is in the styrofoam cup up front):


Here’s a video of what the ride looked like from the passenger seat:

I want a train like this from Seattle to Portland!


One thought on “Alta Velocidad Española

  1. Miss you guys so much! Love seeing the stories and hearing Abby's voice on the video! Life is OK here- Hank's been sick forever which is so hard :(. He's now got pink eye, an ear infection and bronchitis (or something) in addition to his cold. No fun! I guess that's day care and a non-existant 5 mo old immune system. We're living through you guys and your stories! Love! C&M

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