Alta Velocidad Española

For two of our journeys (Córdoba to Sevilla and Sevilla to Madrid) we had the pleasure of riding the Renfe AVE, Spain’s high-speed train line that reaches speeds of up to 300 km/h (186 mph) while keeping riders perfectly comfortable. Here’s what the dining car looked like at 180 mph (my espresso is in the styrofoam cup up front):


Here’s a video of what the ride looked like from the passenger seat:

I want a train like this from Seattle to Portland!

1 thought on “Alta Velocidad Española

  1. Miss you guys so much! Love seeing the stories and hearing Abby's voice on the video! Life is OK here- Hank's been sick forever which is so hard :(. He's now got pink eye, an ear infection and bronchitis (or something) in addition to his cold. No fun! I guess that's day care and a non-existant 5 mo old immune system. We're living through you guys and your stories! Love! C&M

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