Haircuts, Jamón, and Hobnobbing in Sevilla

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We had a little more we wanted to share with you about our experiences in Sevilla.

Haircuts: Here are the results of our very risky, all explained by hand, haircut mission. (Also, please note the amazing meat plate.)


Jamón: Here’s a video we took of an activity that we always wondered about — starting the next leg:

Hobnobbing: And finally, some new friends we made from Poland in the tapas bar. The amazing meat plate was our connecting fiber with this couple.



One thought on “Haircuts, Jamón, and Hobnobbing in Sevilla

  1. excellent hair cut abby.dan’s cute 🙂 I approve. Hi dan.I bought a condo in Beacon Hill. I’m in it. It’s empty. I bought a red velvet couch and I’m having anxiety about that. Much Love and Safe Travels. Jeano

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