Haircuts, Jamón, and Hobnobbing in Sevilla

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We had a little more we wanted to share with you about our experiences in Sevilla.

Haircuts: Here are the results of our very risky, all explained by hand, haircut mission. (Also, please note the amazing meat plate.)


Jamón: Here’s a video we took of an activity that we always wondered about — starting the next leg:

Hobnobbing: And finally, some new friends we made from Poland in the tapas bar. The amazing meat plate was our connecting fiber with this couple.


1 thought on “Haircuts, Jamón, and Hobnobbing in Sevilla

  1. excellent hair cut abby.dan’s cute 🙂 I approve. Hi dan.I bought a condo in Beacon Hill. I’m in it. It’s empty. I bought a red velvet couch and I’m having anxiety about that. Much Love and Safe Travels. Jeano

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