Desert Solitude in the Company of Friends

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After our crazy pace through Europe, being able to spend eight consecutive nights in the same bed was a very welcome luxury for us. Even better was the fact that the bed was in the detached guesthouse of my college friend Viktoria’s house in the Namib Desert, so we would have eight nights in our own little desert bungalow, as well as eight nights with dear friends who provided great company.

During our time in the desert, we caught up on life with the Kedings, climbed sand dunes, camped in a private area of an already private nature reserve, toured the Namib Desert Environmental Education Trust, baked bread, drove straight up and back down the sides of more sand dunes, enjoyed the solitude, and watched springbok and ostrich from the window of our room. The desert of Namibia is a stunning place — with its natural beauty and abundant wildlife — and completely restorative with the solitude and calm it provides. Making a life there provides a variety of challenges, but the rewards are many.

We have now said goodbye to Viktoria, her husband Andreas, and their amazing daughter Alexandra. We just spent one night in Johannesburg and are boarding a flight to Kruger National Park in about four hours. In Kruger, we will stay in a small lodge and hope to see some big animals on our game drives. We don’t think we’ll have internet there, so you should expect to hear from us again when we arrive in Cape Town on the 17th. We will post much more detail about Namibia then, as well as all of the stories from our time in Kruger.

For now, here is a photo of one of our adventures in the dunes. On our way home from camping, Andreas provided us with a thrilling ride over some of the most beautiful desert landscape that either one of us has ever seen. Dan is behind the camera, but you’ll see me and Viktoria in the bed of the truck (Hold on tight!), Andreas at the wheel, and Alexandra buckled into the passenger seat. Plus Jilly the dog poking her head out the window. Woohoo!


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