What Is It?? Round IV – Official Results

We are impressed that we actually have a winner this round. We thought this was a pretty tough one, but Senior Beller (a.k.a. my dad, Dave) pulled through with the correct answer of fairy circles. This photo was taken from the tiny Cessna that transported us from Windhoek to the desert on our first day in Namibia. We saw all sorts of different interesting landscapes, but this was the most striking by far. In certain spots, the Namib desert is covered with these circles of brush that are called “fairy circles” and make the ground look polka-dotted from the air.

No one really knows what causes the circles, but theories range from fungus to termites to radioactive soil. We’re pretty sure it’s aliens.

We’re going to pull a Palin and also give a “shout-out” to Deanna, who correctly identified the photo as a view of the desert from a plane. But Senior Beller is our sole winner this round for correctly identifying the fairy circles. Great job, Dave! And thanks to all who participated in this round of What Is It??

Note: Now that we have a faster internet connection, we’ve replaced the original picture with a higher resolution version. (See the original post)

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