What is it?? Round V – Official Results

The results are finally in! This is a picture of a Balinese banten, or offering. Store and restaurant owners, guesthouse owners, and many other people we saw in Ubud put these out, sometimes several times a day.

Rose is the winner with her quick response, less than three hours after we posted the challenge. Congratulations, Rose!

1 thought on “What is it?? Round V – Official Results

  1. Dear Abby,this is the first time that I am writing on your “something to declare” site. Viktoria had sent me your travel blog about your and Dan’s amazing trip. My husband and I were always wondering, whether and when the two of you had finally started your world tour. Well, when Viktoria told us about your arrival at Aandster, we knew. Now we are following your travel log regularly and as you might guess, we most of all loved to see and read everything about Namibia. I was very moved reading your touching words about your friendship with Viktoria and the wonderful time you and Dan had with V+2xA. I would have loved to follow in your footsteps right away!Enjoy the rest of your travel and have a safe trip back home.All the best, also to Dan,Renate

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