Kuta Beach

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No visit to Bali would be complete without a few days on the beach, and Kuta is the most popular place on the island for this. The area consists of three sections which more or less blend together along about three miles of built-up beach front: Kuta, Legain, and Seminyak. The entire area is crowded with a mind-boggling number of guesthouses, shops, restaurants, nightclubs, motorcycles, taxi cabs, and people trying to sell you things. Accommodation ranges from $6/night guesthouses to $400/night exclusive resorts. We chose something in the middle (closer to the low end).

Our days in Kuta were all about relaxing on the beach and watching the waves crash in front of us. It’s official: we’re 100% relaxed now. No stress, no worries. It feels kind of strange to be so relaxed when so much is going on at home, but we’re enjoying it for now and will deal with the real world again soon.

Here are a few pictures we took during our peaceful break:

Our hotel


Typical side street


2 thoughts on “Kuta Beach

  1. These are beautiful! It’s fun to imagine you two relaxing on the beach as I sit at my desk in rainy seattle 😉 We really miss you here and can’t wait to see you!!!

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