What is it?? Round VI – Official Results

This week’s congratulations goes out to Bob! It’s a sand-crab hole. Unfortunately, the judges have reason to believe that more than one “Bob” may be following this blog and thus they have requested a last name or other identifying information to ensure tallies are properly recorded.

We’d also like to recognize Dani for the research she posted related to these sand-crabs. We were positively fascinated by the patterns these little animals create. Our first half-hour on the beach was spent hunched over the sand inspecting these and trying to figure out what exactly they were. We knew that if we posted to the blog someone would help out with that task.

For further proof, here is a shot of one of the many resident sand-crabs.


Travel Status Update:
We are in Bangkok right now, delighting in the frenetic energy, hot/dirty air, and ample street food. We are getting up at 5:30a.m. tomorrow to watch the election returns roll in from a restaurant where we hear other Americans are gathering. Our votes are in. Our hopes are high. Expect a more detailed Bangkok post soon.

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