10 thoughts on “What is it?? Round VII

  1. I think it’s a gang-related thing. It’s like graffiti: they’re tagging the walls with their gang’s name, “KH CAT B TONG”, and their official gang ID number, e.g. 0912724317.

  2. After more extensive research (because I don’t have a life and I must win just one of these!), I believe these are phone numbers of concrete masons. That is how they advertise their services. 🙂

  3. Is this one of those scooter renting services that you can pick up a scooter from a place near you and drop to a place that is close to your destination? The blue and red colors are from two different companies. The number must be the scooter registration number.

  4. My comment was meant to imply that the advertisements were advertising the phone number of said handyman, illegal business, or ex-girlfriend. Just to be clear.

  5. More research turns up the fact that basically there are no classified ads in the paper, so people paint them on the walls. But, not just limited to concrete masons. You’ll see these in China too.

  6. i was there seeing tons of these in hanoi, the numbers refers to phone numbers thats for sure…

    as for the writing, there is a good chance meaning “service for identification, certificate” ….in china, thats what written all over the walls, all over the cities….

    any vietnamese can clarify this??


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