Introducing the Something to Declare photo gallery

After spending countless hours in Adobe Lightroom narrowing down and editing the photos from our trip around the world, I’ve finally put together an online gallery with about 800 of our favorites, sorted by location and various other attributes. Many of these photos are geotagged and visible on maps (like this), since we carried a GPS which recorded where we went, and thus where our photos were taken.

Here’s the link:
The Something to Declare Photo Gallery
I’ve also written an article about the photo equipment we took along:
Photography guide


3 thoughts on “Introducing the Something to Declare photo gallery

  1. Guys, Love the photo gallery – especially the Colors section. WOW. Beautiful and brilliant. LOVE the Save the Date too!

  2. hey dan, glad you did this…but i have a request. can you select a ‘top 20’ or ‘top 30’ photos and make such a section on your website. a majority of people (except for your mom and few others) dont have time to look through 800 photos but really do want to see the best of the best. i actually make this request to every one of my friends who comes back from vacation and posts a few hundred photos…please please please!!!

  3. …image a museum in seattle said they wanted to display 10 of your best photos and you had to choose…im sure you can do it!

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