What is it?? Honeymoon edition

Abby and I just completed the first segment of our flight to Thailand and are now sitting in the Taipei airport waiting for the food court to open (it’s 6:00am here). The flight was pretty uneventful, though we had a classic “what is it??” moment after I ordered porridge for breakfast on the plane. My food came with “Flavored Tuna Floss”. Sounds delicious, but What is it??



5 thoughts on “What is it?? Honeymoon edition

  1. Tuna floss, or “Pampis” is traditionally North Sulawesi or Manado food which is use to fill “Panada” kind of doughnut with a half moon shape curlied trimmed edge or bitter melon “Papare” also for “Lalampa” similiar with Gogos in Makassar or Lemper in Java made from glutinous rice.

    Incidentally, searching for this on Google also brought up a bunch of links to the bikini girl from American Idol – kind of funny… 🙂

  2. Great (and detailed) guess, Gint, but our food was from Taiwan, not Indonesia, and there was no doughnut to accompany it. Just rice porridge.

    Mike – We haven’t tried it yet, but we think it may be fish-flavored. We’re waiting until we get to our beach bungalow and have a strong chaser nearby in case we need it…

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