Deep Breaths in Big Sur

Yesterday was my last full day in the office prior to the Littlest Zink’s arrival, so now I have some time to focus on things like baby-prep errands, naps, nesting, and catching up on our blog! So here we go …

This post will focus on a road-trip adventure Dan and I took in early April, when we drove down the coast for two nights in Big Sur. Big Sur is about three hours south of San Francisco and the coastline surrounding the whole area is completely breathtaking. The photo below is one of my favorites and features what Dan and I dubbed the definition of “happy cows.”


Abby and Dan with happy cows in the background:

We stayed at a gorgeous place called Ventana Inn & Spa. It was completely relaxing, with beautiful grounds that featured chairs and hammocks for lounging, along with hot baths, walking trails, and even a few wild turkeys. It was totally quiet there and we spent a lot of time kicking back with good books and admiring the views. Just what we needed.

On our last morning in Big Sur, we sought out a hiking trail in Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park that leads to a beach featuring a waterfall that falls into the sea. It was pretty cool, although it made me question my readiness to actually become a parent because there were so many kids on this particular hiking trail that I was a bit overwhelmed by all of the jumping-off-rockwalls-lining-the-trail and shouting, etc. I am sure these are the things you become acclimated to as a parent, but after our short hike, I was ready to return to the car for more scenic (and quiet) driving home.

More scenic shots from the drive home, including one of my (very-small-looking) baby bump from a couple of months ago.



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