Homeward Bound

After 120 days of traveling, we will board a flight this evening at 5:40pm from Tokyo bound for Seattle. The packet of paper tickets that we left Seattle with on August 20 now contains just one page. We have packed up our stuff for the last time and are now getting ready to check out of our last hotel room of the trip.

In many ways, we feel like we are returning to a very different life and world from the one we left. We are returning to an economy that certainly seemed shaky upon our departure, but had not yet entered the fall that we’ve all been watching for the past few months. We are returning to a president-elect (about whom we are extremely excited) that still had an election battle ahead of him at the time of our departure. We have been closely tracking the news while we have been away, but still have been sheltered by the bubble of travel and are curious to see how things feel upon our re-entry into the real world. We are also returning as two people who have decided to spend their lives together and now we have the excitement and fun of planning those next steps.

We can hardly believe all that we have seen and done over the past four months. We have visited places we never thought we’d see, met some wonderful people along the way, and gained a new sense of appreciation for how fortunate we are. Fortunate to have been born where we were; fortunate to have such amazing friends and family; fortunate to be able to see so much of the world; fortunate to have seen so much of it with each other; and fortunate to have had this four-month break.

While we are sad to see the trip come to an end, we can hardly wait to see everyone at home and catch up in person as opposed to via e-mail. We can also hardly wait to have one home for as many nights in a row as we want and to not have to book new accommodation on a regular basis. I am beyond excited to have the full offerings of my closet back. And Dan is pretty psyched to browse through his 4,000+ photos and geotag all of them.

We plan to make more updates to this blog (about Tokyo and also some post-trip wrap-up), so stay tuned to Something to Declare!