20 hours in Wien

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After our wonderful stay in Copenhagen, we took a morning flight on Sunday down to Vienna for a quick but action-packed visit before taking a train to Budapest the following morning. Given that we only had about twenty hours to eat, sleep, and see the sights, we had to be efficient.


After checking into the “Wombat Lounge” hostel on the west end of town, we took the U-bahn to the opera house, then got on an above-ground tram to do a 30-minute lap on the circular ring route around the city, discretely following Rick Steves’ do-it-yourself tour instructions in our guidebook. We followed it up with a walk around town and a visit to an old Vienna coffee house. The coffee was great, as were the house-copies of various newspapers (affixed to a wooden stick, free for patrons to read – common in Vienna). However, the best part of the day was dinner, which we enjoyed at Brezl-Gwoelb, a traditional un-touristy Viennese restaurant. We started the meal with delicious Viennese noodle soup, followed by boiled beef (Abby) and savory pork (Dan). It sounds simple, but it was cooked to perfection.


Our trip to Vienna was otherwise uneventful, but definitely a good time.