Dubrovnik: Pearl of the Adriatic

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We had a great three-night stay in Dubrovnik — the most beautiful of the Croatian cities we visited. Our soba here was in the heart of the old town, just a few blocks from the main square and literally a few feet from Dubrovnik’s famous walls. Our hosts were a very nice couple who gave us tips on the best beaches, as well as a few beach towels to boot.

Given that we’re a little behind on our blog, we thought we’d keep this post to a list of highlights and photos. However, don’t interpret our lack of words as a lack of enjoyment — we absolutely loved this city and can’t recommend it enough!

Dubrovnik highlights:

  • Walking the walls that surround the medieval old town. You get an amazing view of the entire city and surrounding water and islands.
  • Sitting outside at a cafe/bar called Buza and watching the sun set.
  • Swimming in the Adriatic.
  • Exploring the old streets with no real destination.