24 Hours in Milan

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After Florence, Abby and I did a brief one-night stop in Milan. We had heard great things about the city from Abby’s cousin Allison (reigning “What is it??” champion) who studied there last fall and decided to check it out on our own. Upon arrival we called around and found a room at the best hotel in Milan:


OK… we didn’t actually stay at a “5 star L” hotel in Montenapoleone, and no that’s not our Ferrari, but we did stay at a two star hotel named “The Best” near the train station which worked out quite well.

After checking in, we set out for some crazy sightseeing. We took the metro into the center of town and saw Milan’s Duomo (an enormous white Gothic church), both inside and out. We climbed 170 steep steps to the top of the building where we had even better views of the flying buttresses as well as sweeping views of the city.



Afterward, we walked across the square to the famous shopping mall where we saw stores full of items we couldn’t afford and then spun around three times on the mosaic bull on the ground for good luck. Note the position of Abby’s foot. It’s customary to spin around on the bull’s manhood, and there is even a handy indentation on the floor there to make it easier to do.



We then took a train out to a student-filled canal-lined neighborhood in search of Appertivo, one of the best things we discovered about Northern Italy. Appertivo is a happy hour deal where bars put out large spreads of pasta, meats, cheeses, fruit, rice, etc. and include the buffet spread in the cost of a drink. For example, you’d pay 6 euro for a cocktail and unlimited trips for food. Definitely a great deal for students, cheapskates, and budget-councious travelers.

By 10:00 we were exhausted and headed back to The Best Hotel in Milan for a good night’s sleep.