Haircuts, Jamón, and Hobnobbing in Sevilla

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We had a little more we wanted to share with you about our experiences in Sevilla.

Haircuts: Here are the results of our very risky, all explained by hand, haircut mission. (Also, please note the amazing meat plate.)


Jamón: Here’s a video we took of an activity that we always wondered about — starting the next leg:

Hobnobbing: And finally, some new friends we made from Poland in the tapas bar. The amazing meat plate was our connecting fiber with this couple.



See our gallery of photos tagged with “sevilla”.

We arrived in Sevilla on Tuesday afternoon, checked into our hostel, then headed out for food and sightseeing. Our first stop was lunch at a tapas bar that had a different set-up from the other places that we had visited in Spain. There were about 10 different types of pre-made tapas you could choose from, and the cost of each dish was indicated by the type of toothpick used to hold it together. The restaurant asked that you save all of your toothpicks so that the final bill could be determined at the end (much like the color-coded dishes at a conveyer-belt sushi joint). We wondered what happens to the bill when the customers use the toothpicks to pick their teeth.

After lunch, we walked through the center of Sevilla, seeing a public art exhibit, the orange-tree filled Santa Cruz neighborhood, some beautiful gardens, and the enormous Plaza de España, a large semicicular building built in 1929 to host the Spanish-American Exhibition.


After all of this walking, we ended the day with more tapas (a common theme for us), this time in Plaza Alfalfa, a square close to the hostel and filled good places to choose from. We chose Bar Alfalfa, the one that seemed to have the most character. Here we had some more great jamon and queso, and Abby enjoyed a tinto de verano, her new favorite summertime drink (I stuck with vino tinto).


We returned to this square the next morning for a breakfast of coffee and churros, then headed out for our primary mission for the morning — to get our hair cut in a city where neither of us were fluent in the local language. One of the women working at the hostel suggested a salon in her neighborhood, so we walked over there and checked it out. Surprisingly, the stylists did a great job despite not being able to understand what we were asking for.

Later, we visited the cathedral (the fourth largest in the world), and climbed the tower for a great view of the city:


And finished it up with a visit to the Alcázar:


We left Thursday morning a little tired, but satisfied by how much of Sevilla we were able to see in this brief visit.