Where’s Abby?? Round I – Official Results

Congratulations to Austin, the official winner of “Where’s Abby? Round I”. Not only was Austin the first person to respond, but he was also the only one to provide us a clear picture showing exactly where she was:


Excellent work, Austin! And thanks to everyone else who participated.

Where’s Abby?? – Round I

As we’re ending the European leg of our journey and getting ready to head to Africa, we’ve decided to introduce the newest interactive feature on our blog. This is a game called “Where’s Abby??”. The objective of the game is simple, you need to find Abby in the picture, and be the first to comment on where she is. Today’s picture comes to you from Taksim Square, Istanbul. Best of luck to you all.


Hint: click on the photo to view a larger version of the image in Flickr.